Why Shade is Good

by Carol Kranitz

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Nonprofit organizations — whether focusing on helping the homeless, providing better socialization activities for our aging adults, offering great cultural events or WORKING to IMPROVE and ENHANCE our community parks — all have ONE common operating challenge, the need to raise funds.

To those wonderful supporters who are always there for us, you know that the need for funding will never go away and we, the nonprofit sector of Sarasota are all very appreciative and cannot say enough times, thank you for your donations, your volunteer time and your ongoing role as our community ambassadors.

Summer 2015 has opened a new chapter on raising revenue for seven fortunate nonprofit organizations in our community.

The Friends have been invited to participate in a unique opportunity, a new way of trying to raise the much needed funds, through an EARNED INCOME program. The Patterson Foundation has selected seven community organizations including Friends, to learn how to plan and execute a project with the bottom line goal of having a NET PROFIT. How unusual, a program of a nonprofit that runs in the black without fundraising.

shade colorsShortly, The Friends will debut SHADE IS GOOD: a social enterprise that will sell sun protective products with SPF 30+ at athletic fields, through team partnerships, area dermatologists, community events, county community centers and through an online store beginning in January. The initial product line will include women’s visors, men’s caps, 3” rim unisex hats, shade umbrellas, car visors, cooling bands and mist’n sip bottles. After the initial product roll out, sun protective clothing and other items will be added.

cooling towel with Shade is Good Shade is good red and white umbrella sip and mist sun visor visor pink

[clearboth]If you forget your sun protective gear, SHADE IS GOOD will be at many games and community events.

Why am I sharing with you what we at the Friends believe is an extraordinary opportunity — to learn how we can change – at least in part – our way of doing our business?

Launching a Startup — a retail store — is very different for the Friends, who have successfully planted bushes, identified birds, identified key needs and cleaned up parks and shores.

This new opportunity for earned income brings with it unfamiliar territory  — product selection, price sensitivity, marketing and sales, startup funding, e-commerce, staffing and helping the ideas on paper translate to our pop up stores, community centers and athletic teams.

WE NEED YOU and your special talents.

Sound interesting? Would you like to hear more? I would love the opportunity to share the exciting work we have done through No Margin No Mission and the generosity of The Patterson Foundation.

Please email me at carolfoscp@gmail.com or call and leave a message at 941-275-9397.

Thank you in advance.


Carol Kranitz

Coordinator of Fundraising

Friends of Sarasota County Parks