Volunteer Opps for April and Beyond


 [clearboth](Remember, volunteers registered with Sarasota County are insured while working in the parks.)
 GACUSaturday, April 27 – 8 am-noon: Join friends around Sarasota County in The Great American Cleanup
Wendy Crisp offers some background on this annual event:

Established by Keep America Beautiful, Inc., the nation’s premier litter prevention and education organization, in partnership with state and local affiliates such as ours, the Great American Cleanup™ is our country’s largest annual cleanup, beautification and community improvement program. Each year, millions of volunteers in over 15,000 communities across the country take part in this program. This program provides a high-profile platform for activities that meet specific local needs, including recycling litter cleanups, litter prevention education, recycling drives, graffiti removal, beautification and community improvement projects, park renewals, clothes collection programs, river, lake and seashore cleanups, etc.


This year, more than two million volunteers are expected to participate in the Great American Cleanup™ nationwide.  Keep Sarasota County Beautiful is seeking hundreds of local volunteers for our Great American Cleanup™ activities, which will run from 8 a.m.  – noon on Saturday, April 27.


To register for this year’s Great American Cleanup™, contact Keep Sarasota County Beautiful at 941-861-5000 or visit www.scgov.net , keyword search Keep Sarasota County Beautiful and click on the volunteer link. Volunteer t-shirts, complimentary trash bags and work gloves will be provided to the first 1,000 volunteers who register.


We hope you’ll join us in making Sarasota County clean and beautiful this spring! [clearboth]


great american cleanup

Nathan Benderson Park kicked off the season in March with the NBP Challenge. Now comes the regatta season: [clearboth]


— pick a way: 

1. Go to You’d Be Perfect for This (a site FOSCP is often featured on) and click on their volunteer page, then choose among the several options — Launch Pilot, Power Boat Squadron Leader, Safety Boat Crew Member, Groundskeeper Team, Starting Line Volunteer Leader, and more.
2. Sign up at WorldClassRowing.com.
3. Become a Sarasota County Volunteer (probably a good idea anyway).

4. Get hold of John Krotec at 941.400.7333 or email him at row.volunteer@gmail.com.

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 [clearboth]Kenya Leonard has organized a team of regular Wednesday volunteers at the Carlton. If interested, send Kenya (KLeonard@scgov.net) an e-mail to register and get on the e-mail list.
SRQvolunteen is a local site created by high-schoolers that links volunteer opportunities to teens who are looking for them. SRQvolunteen has started an Event page on the site, which allows teens who prefer to volunteer on a one-time basis to be given a choice of events. If your organization has an upcoming event and needs teen volunteers, please email the event to us and we would be happy to display it on the site. Send your event toSRQvolunteen@yahoo.com.
Thank you and hope to hear from you soon,
Vanessa Rodriguez, President SRQvolunteen.
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