USRowing Masters National Championships coming to Nathan Benderson Aug. 15-18th

[clearboth]USRowing is pleased to announce that the Suncoast Aquatic Nature Center Association will co-host the 2013 USRowing Masters National Championships in Sarasota, Fla.

The event is set to take place August 15-18 on the 400-acre lake in Nathan Benderson Park.

As USRowing’s largest event, the Masters National Championship showcases the talents of more than 2,000 master’s rowers competing in 200 events.

In addition to celebrating the efforts of thousands of athletes, the 2013 championship will feature an overhauled course, as results of significant financial investment by the community and county and state government. Combined these groups have provided funding to enhance the community park and draw national and international rowing regattas.

“It’s about supporting a city that supports the sport,” said USRowing Events Manager A.J. Dominique.

[clearboth]USRowing CEO Glenn Merry further explained the significance of Sarasota as the location for next year’s regatta.

“I see it [improvements to Nathan Benderson park] as an example that the sport is growing and the need to develop new venues for the sport to make it more nationalized,” said Merry. “The commitment they have put behind that venue and the commitment that community has put behind expanding rowing in the southeast is tremendous. It has the potential to be the next great opportunity for a rowing venue, much like Oklahoma City was in 2002. It’s a completely different type of project, but it’s in a location where we need more places to row and they are rising to the occasion.”

The 41.5-million dollar course and park enhancement projects, in conjunction with the creation of Cattleman Road and connection bridges, will not be entirely complete until December of 2014.

At that time, per the master plan, the Sarasota venue will feature a 30-acre regatta island with a return canal, running and biking pathways, bleacher seating for 2, 500 people, five acres of on-island parking for roughly 90 trailers and an eight-lane buoyed course with even depths and a straight shoreline. Additionally, one of the on-site hotels and the shopping center at University Town Center will have been constructed.

Benderson Construction, LLC., has successfully met all deadlines thus far leaving locals and USRowing optimistic about the debut of the a majority of the improvements next August.

“So far they have met or been early on every other deadline, or been ahead of schedule. Even with the wet season, they met the deadline, which is impressive,” said Casey Galvanek, head coach and director of Sarasota Crew.

Sarasota Crew, one of the local rowing clubs, is part of the community eagerly awaiting the project’s completion.

The first step toward becoming a world class rowing venue was the extension of the course from 1,800 meters to 2,000 meters to meet regulations set by the governing body of international rowing, Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d’Aviron.

This change allowed Suncoast Aquatic and Nature Center to place bids for the 2014 National Collegiate Athletic Association Championships and the 2017 World Rowing Championships, in accordance with its aspirations of becoming one of the top world-class venues.

Athletes that head down to the 2013 championships will enjoy the product of a communal effort to expand the prevalence of rowing.

For those masters rowers on the cusp of a decision to attend the 2013 USRowing Masters National Championships, there is one additional perk.

The Florida experience.

“For masters rowers that are coming down, they can come down earlier or stay an extra couple of days and go to some fantastic beaches and great restaurants. And you stay in the hotel and walk to the site,” said Casey Galvanek.

The 2013 USRowing Masters National Championships will be held August 15-18, 2013, in Sarasota, Florida.

Thank You Party on Regatta Island

Friday, August 16

6:30-9:00 PM

All rowers are welcome to enjoy food, beverages, and entertainment.

Here we are on the cusp of celebrating the World Rowing Championships coming to Sarasota-Bradenton in 2017.  We could not have done this if it was not for the Sarasota and Manatee partnerships, our volunteers, the Regatta Organization Committees 2009-10-11-12-13 , the Suncoast Organization Committee, the State of Florida, our Counties and State leadership. Although we still have the Congress vote in Chungjiu, Korea on September 2, 2013, we still have come a long way to get to this point because of YOU!

Please come out and celebrate our success at Nathan Benderson Park on Regatta Island, while we host the USRowing Masters National Championships.  There will be entertainment provided by ‘Pub Mustard’, along with great food and drinks!  Be sure to bring your family and friends while we celebrate and wish the US Delegation good luck in Korea as they bring home the WORLDS!  Please refer to the attached invite for details.  Carpool and bike riding is encouraged to lower impact to our surrounding environment, Hope to see you at the Park!

2013 Masters Nationals Party Invitation

Regatta Information

2013 Masters National Championships Initial Schedule of Races

(Schedule updated August 6)

2013 Masters National Championship Confirmation Packet

2013 Sarasota Parking Map

2013 Sarasota Venue Layout Map

2013 Masters National Championship Entry Packet

Click here to register via RegattaCentral.


Hotel Information

USRowing has partnered with EMC Venues to provide accommodation options for teams and spectators traveling to the 2013 USRowing Masters National Championships.

Rooms are now available at a variety of hotel properties near the Sarasota venue. Click here to make your reservation.


Boat Rental Information

Sarasota Crew has offered equipment rentals for crews travelling to the 2013 USRowing Masters National Championships.

Click here for a list of available shells.

For pricing and availability, contact Casey Galvanek via email at or by phone at 941-966-9791.

Team Tent Rentals

There will be 10’x10’ & 20’ x 20’ tents available for rent set up along the race course for the duration of the event. Reserve your prime spot and cheer on your teammates.  If you are a smaller club and would like to reserve a space with another team we can accommodate that too! Contact Sarah for more details

The tents come equipped with one eight foot table and six chairs. (more available upon request)

10’x10’- $150.00 per set-up before August 1: $175.00 after August 1

20’x20’- $250.00 per set-up before August 1: $300.00 after August 1

Please reserve by August 1

For more information/To Reserve:

Contact Sarah Kupiec

By e-mail:

Or by phone: (716) 864-7877

Volunteer Opportunities

Click here for information on volunteer opportunities. And here’s a Volunteer Form.

Trophy Donations

USRowing welcomes trophy donations for events held at the USRowing Masters National Championships.

Master’s Nationals Trophy Sponsorship Information

List of Masters Nationals Events Avaliable for Trophy Donation

Press Coverage

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