Gardening for Single Parents and Kids

I started gardening for my health several years ago. It was a solitary exercise that provided huge health benefits for me. It didn’t occur to me to ever include my children until one day they kept talking about how bored...

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Marcy Freeman

A healthy dose of Mother Earth

by Ed Reinmuth, of Volunteer Sarasota County Sitting in the shade overlooking her favorite place in all of Sarasota 80-year-old Marcia Freeman patiently recounts how she got from "there" to "here" with the help of broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, beets and...

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englewood farmer's market

Strolling into May: Springtime Fun in Sarasota’s Parks

  A monthly e-newsletter sharing our nature news and events. Update: The May 26th stroll at Shamrock Park has been cancelled. Take a Woodland Stroll on the Pocono Join Sarasota County Environmental Specialist, Jeff Weber, as he leads you on a...

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Invest in our parks Tuesday-Wednesday, Noon-Noon

Friends of Sarasota County Parks and its chapters invest hundreds of volunteer-hours annually in our County’s most beautiful assets, OUR PARKS and NATURAL RESOURCES. Without their help and your SUPPORT, who will stand up for Theodore Roosevelt’s belief that “…our...

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Perspectives on extending the Legacy Trail

The Friends of the Legacy Trail (FLT) Chapter seeks to connect the existing trail from its current north end (near Culverhouse Nature Park) to downtown Sarasota - a distance of eight miles.   One can identify many good reasons for this...

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Volunteering: Good for the heart and the brain as well as for your community’s parks and coastlines

[clearboth] Ringling College works with Friends of Sarasota County Parks on Summer Projects A group of researchers studied more than 70,000 seniors, looking at health details and volunteering. It seems that, as the report says,    As it turns out, lending a helping...

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