Starting March 24! Safe Boating Courses offered to Volunteers at Nathan Benderson Park

Dear Current & Potential Nathan Benderson Park Launch Drivers,

This year, we have started a launch driver training program to develop uniformity & to increase our safety on the water @ Nathan Benderson Park.
It will also help to develop an Esprit de corps with our launch drivers.  Our first class was conducted last month and we graduated 13 students.

The program is a two part process as follows:

1) Complete the boater education course (8 hours) approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) to obtain the Florida Safe Boating ID card. This card is issued by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Persons may be exempt from this requirement if they can show that they posse current U.S Coats Guard master of a vessel license.

The United States Power Squadron has agreed to administer this course in two parts for a $35.00 fee (covers materials, instruction, and a 6-month trial membership in the Sarasota Power & Sailing Squadron).  Upon completion of the course, they will forward your information to the FWC who will mail your ID Card and certificate to successful students.

Monday, March 24th, 5-9 P.M., SRQ Power & Sailing Squadron Headquarters*
Wednesday, March 26th 5-9 P.M., SRQ Power & Sailing Squadron Headquarters*

*For more information about the upcoming course, please contact Bob Holmes of the Squadron at (941)504-8381.
If interested, please RSVP by March 22nd. The advantage to taking the course in person with us as to on line with other sources are the one on one personal instruction they will receive, all the publications that go with the course are sent home with the student, all the signup and administration work is handled by us, and the results are sent directly to the FWC.

Note: There are other options available by checking the MYFWC web-site going to the boating tab, and checking  “ ID card “  option, or for more information or by going to

2) Complete the Nathan Benderson Park on the water training program.  This course would include operating procedures in a regatta type environment so that the person would understand the rules of the road in that environment.

Sunday, March 30th, 1:00 pm at Nathan Benderson Park

We will be offering more safe boating courses as we move further into the 2014 regatta season.  We are really looking forward to the upcoming season and to our continued success on the water.  Your past participation as a launch driver is integral to the success of every single event.
I hope to see you soon.

John Krotec

SANCA Volunteer Coordinator

(941)400-7333 Cell