Seeking Shade – To Fight Skin Cancer






*In early February 2016, The Friends of Sarasota County Parks, Inc. will begin a new program to FIGHT SKIN CANCER by raising funds to support the purchase and installation of SHADE STRUCTURES at Sarasota County athletic fields and recreational areas.


Current statistics from US Surgeon General’s Call To Action reports that 90% of all non-melanoma cases come from UV exposure   Our youth receive the greatest amount of exposure before age 21. The number one recommendation for everyone’s protection is SEEK SHADE.


The multimillion dollar project  will be accomplished during the next three to five years through grants, corporate underwriting and hosting fundraising events in addition to launching an earned income initiative –Shade Is Good, a program that will sell sun protective and hydration products at community events, in partnership with athletic leagues’ fund raising programs and with dermatologists, through Friends’ chapters and on an e-commerce site (February-March 2016).


For additional information on Shade Is Good, Corporate sponsorship of a Shade Structure, product sponsorships, partnerships or volunteering, please contact Carol Kranitz email or call 941-548-6152.