Have you re-registered as a County Volunteer?

Sarasota County’s Volunteer Sarasota Site Goes Live
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If you haven’t re-registered on the County’s Volunteer Web Site already, this is a good time to do it!


New, quite impressive volunteer communication software is now live on VOLUNTEER Sarasota County. The system has moved to the powerful Volgistics format to organize folks who do volunteer work for the County, and Friends’ members are certainly included.


What this means in practical terms is that even if you’ve not already re-registered as a volunteer, you’ll need to do so right away. That’s easily done under the “Application” tab. The application form is brief. Below it there’s a healthy list of volunteer opportunities around the County. (Hint: the parks opportunities are listed under “P”). Click on opportunities of interest, then click “I Agree” at the bottom and hit “Continue.”
Once you apply, it takes a few days to process your application. Once in the system, you’ll have your own account, access to info about volunteer opportunities, and tips on special events.
Whatever job you apply for, you’ll be contacted by a volunteer coordinator to discuss needs, tasks, times and openings.
You’ll also be able to easily record your hours, even from a smart phone, and get reminders of tasks and times.
In addition, three good things come with renewing your volunteer registration:
  1. Benefits in accord with Florida Workers’ Comp are afforded only to registered volunteers.
  2. Recording your work hours for the Friends and for the County can mean more grant money for new worthwhile projects for your Chapter. You can also track mileage.
  3. You get to belong to the elite group of volunteers that contribute so much to Sarasota’s parks, trails, public lands and more. In July, 746 people contributed 8,087.95 hours valued at more than $179,000.

Don’t forget to sign up — it’s required, it’s painless, and, as Friends volunteers keep finding out, it opens the way to many good things. . .

For example, your hours tell us — the FOSCP organization, the parks dept and the community — that you care. The new system help us tell your stories about who you are, and what you’re passionate about. The recorded hours do that. We have such a generous and engaged community-people from all backgrounds, economic means, political and religious affiliations, etc…  Let’s share that story. Volunteering is our common ground! Click here to see photos of some of our many volunteers.

Any questions? Reach out to Vickie French vfrench@scgov.net, or Brenda Canales bcanales@scgov.net.