Patterson Foundation Mission Ignition

      The Friends of Sarasota County Parks, a partner of the Sarasota County Department of Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources, is pleased to announce that our organization has been selected by The Patterson Foundation to participate in Margin & Mission Ignition, an 18-month-long initiative under the guidance of No Margin, No Mission, a national consulting firm that teaches staff and leadership how to implement an entrepreneurial plan for revenue-generating ventures.

shade structure

  The Friends is creating a social enterprise that will sell sun-protective products under the name Shade is Good at park concessions, through Friends chapters, through dermatologists’ offices, at Sarasota County events and on the Internet. The social enterprise is part of a diversified fundraising campaign to help support the construction of shade structures for the athletic field bleachers and dugouts in Sarasota County’s parks.

       “Working with the staff of No Margin, No Mission has been an eye-opening experience for our nonprofit,” said Friends President Terry Redman. “Applying traditional business practices to our revenue project requires staff and leadership to step back and reassess many areas of the venture that we had previously taken for granted.

     “Through the generosity of The Patterson Foundation, we are slowly understanding both the parallels and differences between our revenue enhancement endeavors and those of our competitors — the Big Box stores and local tourist businesses.  While we have only just begun, we feel fortunate to have the opportunity to learn, grow and plan for the future under the direction of talented professionals both at No Margin, No Mission and The Patterson Foundation.”