Outings with the Lemon Bay Conservancy

Exploring wildflowers, waterways, birds, tidal marshes and much more with the Lemon Bay Conservancy


Regular excursions through the Season (See below for location guide):

Wildflower Preserve Ecology & Habitat Restoration (WF), 9-11 am. Nov. 13, Dec. 11, Dec. 31, Jan. 14, Feb. 5, Mar. 5, Mar. 18.

Join our knowledgeable guides for a first- hand look at the major habitat restoration project currently underway at Lemon Bay Conservancy’s Wildflower Preserve and observe some of the many plants and animals within the preserve. Guided by Bill Dunson (Nov. 13), Bob Cooper (Dec. 11, Dec. 31, Jan. 14, Feb. 5, Mar. 5, Mar. 18), and Dave Clayton (Jan. 14 & Mar. 5).

Beach and Barrier Island Ecology (SP), 9-11:30 am. Nov. 15, Nov. 29, Dec. 13, Dec. 27, Jan. 3, Jan. 17, Jan. 31, Feb. 14, Feb. 28, Mar. 14, Mar. 28, Apr. 11.

A 2.5 mile walk from the Stump Pass State Park parking area to the pass at the southern tip of Manasota Key. The natural and human history of the area will be discussed, along with the dredging of the pass and the planned building of a jetty . Guided by Susy d’Hont (Nov. 15 & 29), Bill Dunson (Dec. 13 & 27) and Betty Baust (2017 dates).

Nature Outings November 2016 through April 2017

Charlotte Harbor Nature Festival (CSP), 9 am-1 pm, & Nature Walk: Birds, Bugs & Blooms, 10:30-11:30 am, Nov. 19. Join Lemon Bay Conservancy and other local environmental organizations for this fun and informative nature festival hosted by the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program. There will be booths, plant sales, and a variety of activities for children. At 10:30, join expert naturalists Bill & Margaret Dunson to take a walk on the wild side in adjacent Tippecanoe 1 Preserve to learn to identify the biota and understand some aspects of their complex ecology.

“Eco-cruise” Boat Trip (CHM), 9-11 am, Nov. 30. Enjoy a boat ride on Lemon Bay, land on the northern tip of Knight Island and walk to a gulf-side lagoon. Our expert guides will describe the animals seen and discuss the ecology of the bay and barrier islands plus the effects of the up-coming dredging of Stump Pass. $35 fee. Reserve at 941-830-8922. LBC members will receive priority for seating. Guided by Bill Dunson & Bob Horswill.

Ecology of Forests and Fresh Water Ponds (KP), 9-11 am, Dec. 8. Kiwanis Park is little known except as a hot spot for local birders, but it is also quite interesting for other animals and plants. Bill Dunson will lead a leisurely walk around the park to learn how to identify plants and animals and understand their place in the overall ecology.

Barrier Island Ecology- Mangroves, Hammocks and Beaches (BP), 9-11 am. Dec. 20, Jan. 24, Feb. 21, Mar. 7. Blind Pass (Middle Beach) park is an unusually nice place to study the community ecology of Manasota Key. A short walk from the parking lot reveals very nice examples of natural coastal communities which will be

discussed by our expert guides. Guided by Dave Clayton (Dec. 20, Feb. 21), and Bill Dunson (Jan. 24, Mar. 7)

Seashore Ecology Workshop (LBP), 9-11 am, Jan. 10. Led by Bill Dunson & Lisa Bramlage. This program will begin with an indoor PowerPoint presentation on the variety of animals to be found on the beach, followed by a short walk around the southern end of Lemon Bay Park. Coastal animals and plants will be identified and their ecological interactions discussed. Jointly offered by LBC and Sarasota County. For more information, call Lisa at 941-927-9355 or 941- 474-3065.

Edible & Medicinal Plants of SW Florida (CF), 1:30-3:30 pm, Jan. 11. This program, led by Bill Dunson, will begin with a Powerpoint presentation at the Sarasota Audubon Nature Center at the Celery Fields, followed by a stroll outside in their gardens. Fee $8. For more information, call Cheryl Duber at 813-440-8989 or visit http://www.sarasotaaudubon.org/workshops- at-the-nature-center/. Learn about the wide variety of edible and medicinal plants that occur in Southwest Florida.

Tidal Marsh and River-side Forest Ecology (MIP). 9-11 am, Jan. 19 & Feb. 16. Join Bill Dunson at this unique Sarasota County nature preserve for a close view of estuarine marshes and a rare island hammock community. The identification of the biota will be accompanied by a discussion of how water salinity and fire interact to control the ecological communities.

Birding at Wildflower Preserve (WF), 8-10 am, Jan. 21. Join Susy d’Hont for an early morning walk to observe some of the many bird species that frequent Wildflower Preserve during the winter season. Note 8am start time!

Pine Flatwoods Ecology along the Gordon Smith Trail (MSP), 9-11 am, Jan. 26 & Feb. 23. The Myakka State Forest is a remarkably large and well preserved example of hydric pine flatwoods. We will hike along a trail that passes through wetter and drier areas, identify plants and animals, and discuss the factors that control their distribution. This trail can be damp in spots, so be prepared. Led by Bill Dunson & Jim Brower.

Wildflower to Amberjack “South of the Border” Ecology Hike (WF), 9 am-noon, Jan. 28. We will meet in the Wildflower parking lot and hike to adjacent Amberjack Preserve, observing the changes in ecology, fauna and flora along the way. Note that this is one of our longer hikes. The ground can be a bit irregular in spots so boots would be advisable. The turn-around point will be Lemon Lake, which can have spectacular water birds when the water is low. We will identify many animals and plants along the way and discuss the ecology of the area. Guided by Dave Clayton and Bob Cooper.

Backyard Wildlife Gardening Workshop (LBP), 9-11 am, Feb. 7 Led by Bill Dunson & Lisa Bramlage. There will be an initial PowerPoint presentation inside describing Bill’s experience in designing a yard on Manasota Key with 160 species of plants that are primarily selected to benefit wildlife. Then we will walk around the gardens and native plantings outside to identify and discuss the choice of plants for your garden. Co-hosted by LBC and Sarasota County. For more information, call Lisa at 941-927-9355 or 941-474-3065.

Wildflower Preserve Open House (WF), 8 am-2 pm, Feb. 18. The Open House will include a series of walks and presentations about Wildflower and our habitat restoration project, beginning with an 8 am “Early Bird” birding walk. Plus, booths featuring local environmental groups. More details will be announced in December.


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Lemon Bay Conservancy 2980 Placida Road, Ste. 201 Englewood, FL 34224

941-830-8922 www.lemonbayconservancy.org

Locations & Addresses:

  • BP – Blind Pass Park (Middle Beach) is located on Manasota Key at 6725 Manasota Key Rd, Englewood, FL 34223.
  • CF – Celery Fields and the Sarasota Audubon Nature Center are found just east and south of the Fruitville Rd. exit on I-75 at 999 Center Rd, Sarasota, FL 34240.
  • CHM – Cape Haze Marina is south of Grove City at 6950 Placida Rd, Englewood, Fl 34224.
  • CSP – Charlotte Sports Park is along Route 776 at 2300 El Jobean Rd, Port Charlotte, FL 33948. The nature festival is held behind the stadium.
  • KP – Kiwanis Park is at 501 Donora St, Port Charlotte, FL 33948.
  • LBP – Lemon Bay Park is found at 570 Bay Park Blvd, Englewood, FL 34223.
  • MIP – Myakka Islands Point Preserve is at 1289 Campbell St, North Port/Port Charlotte, FL 33953.
  • MSF – Myakka State Forest is located at 2000 S. River Rd., Englewood, FL 34223. Note that this is NOT Myakka State Park but the state forest. There is a $2 entry fee.
  • NP – North Port Eco-tours will be started at a site to be announced. Check the website of North Port FOWL (Friends of Wildlife) for details: www.northportfriendsofwildlife.org.
  • SP – Stump Pass State Park entry fee is $3 per vehicle. 900 Gulf Boulevard, Englewood, FL 34223. The park is located at the south end of Manasota Key.
  • WF – Wildflower Preserve is located at 3120 Gasparilla Pines Blvd., Englewood, FL 34224. The preserve is located just east of Placida Rd, Route 775, south of Englewood.

All outings are FREE unless otherwise indicated!