Help the Snowy Plovers: Join Audubon’s “Chick Check” in August

Update: A final pair of Snowy Plover chicks just hatched at the end of July. They’ll need three to four weeks to fledge in August – if you can help, contact, or Ruth Ellen Peipert at, (941-780-2372).

Sarasota Audubon is seeking volunteers to help three small chicks born this past week on Siesta. These chicks immediately go foraging for their own food — all over the beach. With all the activity of the holiday and the races, Jeanne Dubi, Ruth Ellen Peipert and others at Audubon will train folks to keep a watchful eye on them. They’re endangered in Florida, and rather small:

plover with chick
Plover with chick


Besides these three chicks, there are several other snowy plover nests and a least tern nest that have been posted. Some Least Terns apparently are hatching as well; they’ve been losing habitat.

Volunteers are also needed as ‘nest/nesting area monitors’ to monitor the posted areas to ensure that beach patrons don’t walk through and disturb the nesting birds. All volunteers will be provided with beach nesting bird brochures and will help educate beach patrons about the birds.

If you have a little time this week and beyond for “chick checking” (they won’t fledge for a month), let Jeanne know at, or Ruth Ellen Peipert at, (941-780-2372).