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Volunteer Today!
New Initiatives
Reaching and Teaching
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Chapters Earn with Pavers
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Volunteer Today!

There are so many ways to volunteer.
The skill sets of Sarasotans are amazingly deep and varied, and the curiosity of our residents — young, older and in-between — is endless.
Why not give it a try? On the County’sVolunteer Page, you’ll see many existing

opportunities to choose from – some that are “Done in a Day,” others that can be ongoing tasks.
Even better, bring your own creativity. Do you know a little something about owls, or mushrooms, or growing veggies? How about the history of parks? Fishing? Stormclouds? Fitness? Create your own volunteer opportunity!
Fill out an application online, then Email Vickie or Brenda, the coordinators who’ll work with you to be a successful contributor, keeping our parks and community active, stimulating, and always new.
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New Initiatives
Expanded ballfields . . . drinking fountains along the Legacy Trail . . . more RV parks . . . those are a few of the many suggestions offered by those at the Friends’ All Chapters meeting on June 25th. The County is seeking the public’s input on priorities for our parks and facilities, and its “Master Plan” survey is open until July 5th.Take the survey online here and help shape the future of Sarasota’s public spaces.
More suggestions at the meeting includedkayak storage . . . fishing ponds for kids … How about open wifi in parks?

All Chapters Attendees
Folks also heard about the Friends’ grant writing initiative that would spearhead the effort to install shade structures in athletic fields countywide. The Friends is formally committed to becoming a self-supporting nonprofit by developing earned income plans.
“Unbelievably Successful”
That’s how Friends’ fundraiser Carol Kranitz described the first three weeks of the Friends’ Siesta Beach Paver program. In that brief time 60 pavers have been ordered – the orders are coming from all over the US, she says.
Chapters who get the word out about the Pavers can benefit, Carol added. If a purchaser mentions that a particular Chapter was responsible for her or his purchase of a Paver, a portion of the proceeds can go to the referrer.
Among the messages received that will be found on a Paver: a marriage proposal. 
Click the image to learn more . . .

Reaching and Teaching
The Friends currently has some 40 chapters ranging variously in size and mission. Some, like the Friends of theCarlton Reserve, have one location; others, like the Paw Parks, are countywide.
When you hear, as we did at the All Chapters meeting, that one Chapter – TheEnglewood Farmers Market – had 130,000 visitors last season, you begin to get a sense of the scale of the public reach of the Friends of Sarasota County Parks.
And where some have that direct encounter with the public, others likeCulverhouse Community Garden are experimenting with growing techniquesand developing methodological resourcesavailable for free on their websites.
The variety, public contact and opportunity for a fun niche in the many Chapter activities of the Friends are plentiful. Why not volunteer and see for yourself? Or, if you’re passionate about a park or recreational activity that’s not among the current Chapters, you can always start your own.

A few FOSCP stats Jan-May

Liberty Litter CleanUp: A poem
After the Fourth
After all the bombs bursting in air, 
On our beaches the litter’ll be there.
Come out to the shores
And join in our chores
On the Fifth – all will know that you care!
A Safe, Happy 4th (and conscientious 5th)
to all the Friends of Sarasota County Parks.
Tom M.
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