FLT News — Feasibility Study of Extension of The Legacy Trail to Downtown Sarasota

FLT is a Chapter of The Friends of Sarasota County Parks

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Good News.

On August 28, 2013, the Board of Sarasota County Commissioners (BCC) authorized Public Works to spend $75,000 on a Feasibility Study for the Extension of the Legacy Trail from the current north terminus to downtown Sarasota.  James Harriott, County Public Works, estimated that the study cost at $100,000 to $150,000.  The Friends of Sarasota County Parks-Friends of the Legacy Park (Friends) and Jesse Biter, Sarasota businessman, have offered to rally citizen and business support to raise funds for the Legacy Trail Extension.  The County will be looking to non-public funds for study costs above $75,000. Some key links:

The brief BCC discussion  on August 28.

Copies of the documents from County Staff, Seminole Gulf Railroad, and the Friends which were before the BCC.

The Friends “Open to the Public” statements from Bruce Dillon and Mike Gippert.

[clearboth]On July 31, 2013, the Friends filed a nomination to purchase/lease eight miles of the unused CSX railroad right of way for the extension of the Legacy Trail.  The nomination is before the County Parks and Recreation Advisory Council and may be discussed at their September 5 meeting.  The Friends nomination, PowerPoint and Seminole Gulf RR’s drawing of a rail with trail is in the BCC Meeting record of August 27, 2013.  .

It is our turn. We will be meeting with County staff and Mr. Biter.   Soon we will have a campaign strategy to raise support and funds not only for the study, but for planning and construction to add to available County, State and Federal funds.  We ask that you share information regarding the extension with your family and friends.  We will need your time and support for fundraising rallies and events.

We will have more information soon.  Thank you for your support of the Legacy Trail.