Chapter Notes for June 2013: Potter Park Beautified

chapter notes

Potter Park Beautified

Fred Faulkner writes:
“There has been a lot of activity at Potter Park over the past two months resulting in a much improved appearance and the addition of new amenities. The most important accomplishment was the removal of the overgrowth of palmettos and bushes that have cluttered the children’s playground area.”
Potter Park Before
Potter Park After
“Low rise landscaping was installed to beautify the entrance area to the park. All this has resulted in a much more open and inviting look. Walkways within the park were seal-coated to give a fresh look.  The floor of the gazebo was power washed, and two new soccer goals were added to the open field play area.”
potter park before
“We are not yet done!  A new sign identifying Potter Park as a county park and an aerial overview of the park that will be in a separate display case will be added soon. The removal of exotic plants and underbrush from the large preservation area will result in a one-half mile mulched trail winding through natural Florida hammock along Catfish Creek. Finally, a Supernova merry-go-round type of ride will be added to the children’s play area.” 
vines at selby

Update: Boots & Badges Event Moved

The Jul 13, 2013 Boots & Badges Event has been moved from Phillippi Estate Park to Westfield Mall.


Shamrock Park

This park needs friends: Terry Redman is helping reorganize the Friends of Shamrock Park. There’s a list of possible events and projects. Anyone with an interest in this park please give Ed Wolfenbarger or Terry a call at 486-2706 or 468-2222.
Sandhills Nikki Graham
Sandhills – Nikki Graham

Farmers’ Markets

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