Benderson needs a few good volunteers for the March Triathlon



If you’re seeking volunteer opps, here are a few current choices:


Nathan Benderson Park Triathlon March 16th


dredge at benderson


What’s that, you say? it’s a dredge, and it’s in the final stages of scooping out racing lanes at Nathan Benderson Park. The scooped earth is then used to construct the 30-acre regatta island that will be the hub of world class rowing. There’s some frenetic activity at the park just now, in anticipation of a series of five competitions coming in March and April. They could use a few good volunteers.


The series begins March 16 with the NBP Challenge, an Olympic triathlon with swimming, bicycling and running, continues with the Sarasota Invitational on March 23-24, followed by three more great events in April. Here’s a schedule.


There’s more than one way to volunteer for these competitions:


1. Go to You’d Be Perfect for This (a site FOSCP is often featured on) and click on their volunteer page, then choose among the several options — Launch Pilot, Power Boat Squadron Leader, Safety Boat Crew Member, Groundskeeper Team, Starting Line Volunteer Leader, and more.
2. Sign up at the Volunteer Page at
3. Become a Sarasota County Volunteer (probably a good idea anyway).


I saw that cool dredge pictured above the other day on a whirlwind tour with Bob Whitford, the man in charge of the Benderson project for the County. Bob has developed rowing courses around the world and says this venue is going to be very much top of the line. They were pouring bridges the day I was there – here’s one of them:


benderson bridge being poured
Bridge being poured – segment of new Cattlemen Rd.


The finished park won’t be just for rowers. The County and Benderson folks want it to offer “the most opportunities for the community,” said Whitford. Have a look at the plan here.


It will be open every day and night for people to fish, kayak, jog, hike, meditate (there will be a zen garden), hold dragon boat races, or just picnic. Even now, amid all the activity, there’s a public boat ramp at the south end of the waterway, with parking, that’s open every day – here it is:


benderson public boat ramp
Bring your kayak or canoe


There’s a lot more to this story, and we’ll be following it, and telling you more very soon.