A message from President-elect Andy Gerberich

Dear Fellow Board Members,

For the past 12 years, The Friends of Sarasota County Parks, Inc has created change in our Park system. This year in addition to all of our projects, was marked by a positive focus in the area of volunteer recruitment and the documentation of the thousands of hours of service to our County park system.

And, this year, FOSCP was recognized by The Patterson Foundation of having the capacity to address bigger challenges, if, we were willing to invest significant time learning different approaches to underwriting projects.

The Patterson Foundation invested significant money (hiring teacher/consultants) and time helping FOSCP through the learning process. Terry, Jodi, Carol and Shelia were star students ultimately developing Shade Is Good: Helping to Fight Skin Cancer project.

Then, The Patterson Foundation put out a challenge grant to REALLY support FOSCP efforts. Carol has been actively “selling” the Shade Is Good concept to our community.  To date, three medical groups, two foundations, five individuals including two Board members, two Friends chapters and four businesses have raised $19,475 towards the $24,000 goal.

It would be a shame to leave the remaining $4,525 on the table. Carol is going to continue to follow up on several individuals who may just need a “gentle reminder”.

As your President, I feel I must take a few moments to ask you to also help support OUR FOSCP initiative, Shade Is Good: Helping to Fight Skin Cancer.  Your tax deductible donation by December 31st will make a difference.

Hopefully, FOSCP can count on your support.

Happy and Healthy New Year.